Hello everybody, my name is Dr Liv Kraemer and I’m a dermatologist from Zurich with focus on skincare and skinfood. Most people suffer from large pores and bad skin condition. Suddenly our skin gets duller and thinner. Additionally, some of us even get pimples on top of this. Acne in adulthood is not rare. Let me explain one of my favourite treatments: the fruit acid chemical peel. Of course, your home skincare routine is the most important part. I compare it with exercise. You ‘ll never get a sixpack just by doing exercises with your fitness trainer just once. It’s rather the everyday training which makes you look fabulous. It’s the same with your skin.

I always tell my patients, you need to have the right skincare and then I can prepare a treatment which leads to a  beautiful, glowing skin without breakouts.  A  treatment with fruit acid chemical peel smooths your skin complexion and can even prevent acne. I will show you how it works:

Fruit acid Dr Liv


What is fruit acid or chemical peel?

It’s funny when we dermatologists talk about chemical peels, it frightens most of our patients. But not all chemicals are bad. The truth is the acid is actually deriving from nature. Most of the fruit acids are coming from natural ingredients. Glycolic acid for an example comes from sugar cane. The origin from lactic acid is sour milk and salicylic acid from wintergreen. Therefore Kleopatra regularly did a bath in sour milk to get the full benefit of it. No in the 21 century we are using its potential in a more advanced way.

The fruit acid or “chemical peel” helps you to remove dead cells from the top layer of your skin. Hence the production of your skin gets improved. Of course, it’s a treatment done by us dermatologists. But you can use fruit acid ingredients already in your daily skincare routine. It’s comparable to a hard fitness training with your fitness trainer. In case of your skin treatment, we dermatologists are your personal skin trainer. We push it a little bit harder than you would be able to do by yourself at home alone. But you have to do some “training” with your skin before that. What does it mean? Use fruit acid ingredients prior your appointment! But ask your dermatologist what she or he is recommending for your personal skincare routine.

Chemical peels are not a one time treatment!

Receiving a chemical peel once will not give you the instant glow. Or did you ever got a sixpack by performing one training session with your fitness trainer? It has to be done consistently to receive the result you want to get. Therefore also your home skincare routine is important too!

How often can I get a fruit acid chemical peel?

It’s not a one-time treatment. We, the dermatologist, aren’t magicians … there is no abracadabra. It depends on how damaged your skin is or how inflamed your acne is. A one-time treatment will not get you to the results you want to have. I recommend for people suffering from acne within the winter period a treatment interval of about four weeks. For people with sun damaged skin, I use an interval of 4-8 weeks.

There are three different kinds of chemical peels:

  1. Superficial peels like fruit acid peel
  2. Medium deep peels like TCA (trichloroacetic peels)
  3. Deep peels like phenol peels

The fruit acid peels I’m talking about here in this post is a very mild superficial peel. It’s very safe. If you follow the exact steps, we dermatologist give you. Most important is applying a suncream at least two weeks after the peeling. But if you know me and if you are following me on Youtube or Instagram you know that using suncream is an essential part to keep your skin youthful and glowing. My motto: the sun is always shining. Otherwise, it’s night. But after a peeling, it’s even more important to avoid any side effects like discolouration.

Is a chemical peel good for me?

If we talk about the superficial fruit acid peel, yes it is. But please don’t use something you find on the internet or in some drugstores. Even there are some available, in the wrong hands, you can do more harm than use. Go to your dermatologist who you trust. It is a great treatment but has to be done from an experienced person.

What can I expect after the peeling?

If I talk to my patients and explain that there might be a lot of crusting and scaling, they’re afraid. But this is the worst case. After the crust is off, the fresh one appears. But I also tell them that it doesn’t have to be crusty. There must be no downtime at all. We, therefore, call it even “lunchtime chemical peel”. Yes, my patients are coming in their break. Don’t think to look like Samantha in “Sex and the City”. (click here to see the episode of Sex and the City Season 5 done a deep chemical peel). In this episode, she has done a medium deep peel. It was NOT a fruit acid peel. So do not be afraid.

Most of the time my patients or even myself (yes I love it :)) we just get dry skin the 3. or 4. day after. So the peeling doesn’t happen immediately. After the peeling, you will be only red. Like a lobster :). But of course we cover it well with makeup, or you do it by yourself. But after the third day, you might peel. Yes, it could be crusty in some areas. Particular areas of damaged skin or pimples might get crusty and scaly. But believe me, you can time it. So a lot of my patients are doing it on a Wednesday. They look normal on Thursday and Friday.  But if they have damaged skin or acne damaged skin, they peel the Saturday or Sunday after. On Monday they all look healthy with glowing skin.

What happens the day after the superficial fruit acid peel?

The day after the peel, you almost see and feel nothing. You usually just feel dry skin in some areas. It depends on the strength we dermatologist are using for you. We can control it with the concentration and the time of the peeling process. But it is essential to stay out of the sun and sunbeds. And I mean: if you are waiting for the bus, you wait on the shady side!!!

What are the benefits of fruit acid peels?

The best solution to treat dry skin, fine lines and minimise large pores is a fruit acid peel. It helps you reduce the effects of environmental damage, and brightens a dull complexion.

It also helps patients with acne, blackheads, clogged pores, and/or oily skin.
The result is a smoother and more even complexion and maybe an improvement in pigment changes.

I recommend to renounce this treatment if you have:

  • Inflammation
  • Rosacea
  • Acne
  • Pimples
  • Dry thin skin
  • Rough skin
  • Sun damaged skin
  • Big pores

It’s important to use sunscreen after the treatments because your skin is very sensitive and needs an extra protection against harmful UVA-rays. Therefore, a sufficient sun protection with at least SFP30 is essential! If you wish more information about sunblocks or sunscreens, please read this blog post and click here.

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