A very important part of good skincare is nutrition! As a dermatologist from Zurich, I’m very passionate about skincare, skinfood and therefore skin health. Because Halloween’s coming soon, I decided to talk about the powerfood pumpkin:


Foggy days, colourful trees and chilly weather – autumn is coming!

I love to eat pumpkins. In Latin, they’re called cucurbits. Depending on species, variety, region and seeds they are also called squash or gourd. Powerfood pumpkin played an important part for over 2000 years in human history and was the main food source in America. Not only this but pumpkin became an important food for the European settlers including the Pilgrims.

They’re versatile and can help you to stay healthy during cold days. Either bake them in the oven or make a soup, they’re full of vitamin A which is an anti-aging nutrient (watch our post and video how your face is aging). It enhances the cell production in your skin and leads to healthy looking hair and nails.

Pumpkins also contain selen. It’s an antioxidant which protects your cell membranes against pollution and other external factors (oxidative stress). Pumpkins are also very helpful to improve your prostate health and bladder weakness.

Especially the superfood pumpkin seeds are rich in iron, zinc and magnesium. Zinc is a great ingredient for hair growth. It also boosts your immune system, which is very important during this cold season. In addition, these tasty seeds provide both essential and unsaturated fatty acids. They’re important to reduce inflammation in your body and skin and are therefore anti-aging. Hence I call it powerfood or skinfood!

Pumpkin seeds are yummy as a healthy snack, for your salad, granola or bread. (homemade pumpkin granola recipe from elizabethrider). I like them best raw or even roasted. But roast them yourself! It’s much cheaper and healthier! Take a handful of pumpkin seed into your bag or pocket. It’s fantastic as a snack during the day.

Have you tried pumpkin seed oil?

Honestly, I love pumpkin seed oil! The green colour and its nutty taste. Studies from the group of Maria Volpe from the Institute of Food Sciences, National Research Council, Italy shows pumpkin seed oil can be an excellent source of antioxidants such as polyphenols and unsaturated fatty acids. Furthermore, powerfood pumpkin seed oil can protect hair loss and improve heart health. Also when it comes to stressful times, it can help you with relaxation. This should be your healthy companion during the season!

Click here for some tasty and healthy pumpkin recipes!

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