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Who is Dr Liv Kraemer?

Why does she love skincare and skinfood?

Doctor Liv Kraemer (M.D., PhD) is a board-certified dermatologist specialist. Her focus is on cosmeceuticals, cosmetics,  aesthetic and preventative dermatology. After research in tissue engineering, genetics and stem cells, she worked internationally in Europe, the UAE and at Columbia University in New York city as well as University Hospital Charite, Berlin.

Today Dr. med. Liv Kraemer is a specialist in the field of cosmetic and preventative dermatology, in particular the field of so-called cosmoceuticals and nutroceuticals. These are active skincare products and the so-called “functional food” products. She regularly acts as a consultant on these issues for banks, industry, or private companies.

In her Dr. Liv Clinic, she focuses specifically on prevention, skincare, and natural looks. With her past as a model she has managed to unite her two initially so controversial worlds – fashion/beauty and research/medicine – under her brand “DrLiv” Dermatology Lifestyle.    


Dr Liv’s Philosophy:

Dr. Liv Kraemer’s ideal of beauty is based on the natural, on the harmony of the whole. She doesn’t want to change, she wants to get the best out of every personality.

“You can’t stop aging, but you can delay it – as naturally as possible, as individually as possible, at any age. Prevention is better than repair”.

She love to compare skincare with exercise: – you can’t expect a six-pack within 8 hours of sit-ups. There is no magic, but the right ingredients for your skin to look healthier and more radiant. Dr Liv will put you on the personal skin training.


Doctor Liv Kraemer is a frequent speaker in different aesthetic medicine, cosmetic conferences, but also on seminars and conferences about longevity, nutroceuticals, skincare, skin food or anti-aging e.g. as ETH, Lorange Business Institute, Beauty forum Bank Julius Baer, WIRE and more. She was and is teaching in different sectors.

Dr. med. Liv Kraemer is represented in numerous media articles such as  NZZ am Sonntag, Cosmopolitan, Gala-Switzerland, intouch, Instyle, Bild online, Cover Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Vertigo Magazine, Flair, Bunte, Body and Soul, Friday, Handelsblatt, etc. and had a Column in Beauty Forum. She has published scientific and medical articles and is the author of a book and scientific dermatology book chapters (Skin disease, Springer Verlag), to see more go to the press section or click here.

She is member of different scientific and medical societies and expert organisations. Most importantly are

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Hope to see you soon.

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We welcome you to our Dr Liv Clinic!

A place to feel good and relaxed. Hence a place where we talk about beauty, health and nutrition. Therefore, it does not matter if you are a woman, a girl, boy or a man. We all need a skincare routine that fit us. It is like sport.

You don’t start with exercise in your  50’s. Rather you start as early as possible to stay tuned in your later ages. So it is with your skin. Starting early is the key and don’t forget: less is more.

We want your visit at our Dr Liv Clinic to become a very informative memory. Therefore, I have an excellent team. They will welcome you and answer all your questions. Please use our online booking tool or call us directly under 0442118811.

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